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Shufflin’ Into Spring!

The Hot Foot Honeys’ very favorite season is upon us! Spring has sprung, our choreography is being perfected with each rehearsal, and the countdown for our spring showcase has officially begun!
You can buy your tickets for TAPography ahead of time to ensure you won’t miss out! Visit The Buckman’s website and grab tickets for any of the THREE shows: Friday, April 20 and Saturday, April 21 at 8:00pm, or Sunday, April 22 at 2:00pm.

In addition to our fabulous spring showcase, on April 21st, Asha Griffith will be joining us in teaching a master class!  1:00-2:00pm will be for the kiddos under 18, and 2:00-3:00pm is for intermediate adults 18 and up! Learn some innovative new moves from one of today’s most visionary artists and dynamic performers!  The fee is $25, and you can pay in advance to secure your spot! Visit our website today! You can also catch her performing in a guest spot for TAPography, and see a piece she choreographed for the Hot Foot Honeys to perform.

Putting on a show is a major challenge, and pulling it off seamlessly requires a lot of help!  We would like to take a moment to showcase our artists and collaborators for this year’s showcase!

First up, Deneka Lewis and her fierce vocal stylings.  We are ever grateful that she continues to grace the stage with us with her beautiful voice.  You can visit her Facebook and take a peek and some of the pieces she’s been performing!

Next, we have Siphne Sylve, beatboxing extraordinaire.  We are so excited to collaborate again, because you’ll truly never hear anything quite like this! Please visit Siphne’s website here!

Also joining us is Tony Manard, a dear friend of the Hot Foot Honeys (you can check out his Facebook and see him reppin’ the Honeys in some of our cool new merch!)  He will be taking the stage with some electric guitar.

Vinnie Manard will also be accompanying some of our pieces on the keys.  We are so thrilled to have the energy and passion of live music on stage with us, and his playing is truly impeccable. Visit his Bandcamp and get acquainted with his amazing work!

And finally, Brent Hale will be joining us on the bass.  Not only is he an incredible bass player, he is also a brilliant tattoo artist! He was voted the number 2 best tattoo artist in the Memphis area since 2017.  Check out some of his work here!

We truly appreciate all of the hard work these wonderful musicians put in to make this collaboration possible, and remind all of our loyal Hot Foot Honeys fans to SUPPORT LOCAL ART AND MUSIC!

We would also like give a very special thanks to Steven Prince Tate for collaborating with us on a tap/contemporary piece.  He is a brilliant dancer and choreographer with so much to bring to the table, and we are delighted that he is a part of our Hot Foot Honeys extended family!

Finally, we will have another opportunity for you to pick up some sweet Hot Foot Honeys merch, featuring our brand new logo!  This is an excellent opportunity if you missed out the first time, or would like to buy some additional Hot Foot Honeys goodies for yourself, family or friends.  We will be releasing more information regarding how to order soon, so keep your eyes on the Hot Foot Honeys Facebook page for further instructions as they become available!

We can’t wait to see you all at TAPography, and the workshop!