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Tap into 2018

The Hot Foot Honeys are hard back at work as we flap our way into the New Year!

Have you ever missed a performance and found yourself wishing there was a way you could see it?  Do you ever just get the urge to check out some exciting tap pieces from the comfort of your own home? The Hot Foot Honeys have some good news for you!  We now have our very own Youtube page!  Check out every single piece from our 2017 Tap by Number showcase at your leisure. Click the link below!
Hot Foot Honeys Youtube

Our t-shirt fundraiser featuring garments with our brand new logo will be coming to a close on January 17th.  You still have time to get your orders in and represent your only Memphis tap company! Follow the link below to get tote bags, t shirts, tanks and hoodies that support a wonderful cause: getting even more quality dance programming into your city!
Tapography Fundraiser

And finally, we are hosting our very first Beginner and Absolute Beginner tap workshop of 2018 on January 27th, taught by two of our incredible company members!  Even if you have never tapped before and don’t own a pair of tap shoes, this workshop is still for you!    Visit the link below to lock in your spot (hot tip: if you book early, you get a discount to sweeten the deal!)
Tap Workshop Signup

As a fun little treat, the Hot Foot Honeys were asked about their resolutions for this year.  It’s always exciting to see what everyone wants to work on, and find ways to incorporate these goals into our rehearsals and individual practice time.   Comment below if you have any goals for this year!

“I like taking class, I like learning new steps from someone else, but improv…Yikes! Like public speaking, it scares me me a bit and I don’t want it to! So this new year you may find me putting on a favorite song, getting on my tap board, and just seeing where my feet and the music take me. No right, no wrong, just dance! Who knows the good rhythms I might find!”

“My goal this year is to attend more tap conventions to expand my knowledge of tap, to befriend other tappers, and to inspire my choreography and teachings. ”

1) Get our new rehearsal studio up and running! 2) Attend Chicago Human Rhythm Fest and/or TapCity in NYC this summer 3) Bring another professional tap artist to Memphis in the fall of 2018 4) Establish a season by having a second company show in December 2018 5) Improve my technical abilities (always)  6) Produce a quality spring 2018 show with TAPography! 7) Increase the number of community performances within the Memphis and mid-south.”

“My goals are to improve my tap skills, get in better shape in support of the previous goal, purchase better tap shoes, and hopefully take more dance classes in the community.”

Find new teaching gigs outside of Memphis. Expose myself to more tap techniques by going to tap workshops. Attend the Dance Teacher summit this summer. Teach a tap class 50+ at a community center or church. Save money for LA Tap Fest. Practice more at home. Purchase K360’s before February.”

“To be strategic in making the things I WANT to happen ACTUALLY happen! Improv more, choreograph more, teach more classes, get more involved with Memphis dance community and Memphis art community, be more active in other art forms like photography and videography, save up for some baller tap shoes, cook a whole lot and eat nutritious food, and exercise!”

“I would love to start choreographing again, whether it be tap, modern, or any other kind of dance.  I also want to work on my technique, and perfect some of the harder steps like single wings.”

“Really break down the steps and get clearer sounds, work on really listening to the music of the piece so I can hear the beat better, and to take more dance classes, especially ballroom.”

“I would like to improve my flexibility and stamina this year as well as attend more tap workshops.”